28.5.2017 Feistybite to work with J.Kärkkäinen

We are pleased to announce a partnership agreement with J.Kärkkäinen. Striker-lures can now be found at their Lahti and Ylivieska department stores and their online store. There are 15 different colors of the Striker, which are all available from J.Kärkkäinen. The most popular colors at the feistybite.com store are S102 black/grey/redstripe, S106 black/red/grey/yellow and S108.  

31.5.2017 Striker lures now at Kalastamo

Now you can buy the Striker from kalastamo.com. The most popular colors are out of stock currently but don’t worry, the paint shop is hard at work! Team Striker

6.6.2017 A new reseller for the Striker

Striker lures can now be bought from the Mökkimies site. https://www.mokkimies.com/striker-automaattinen-vastaiskuviehe You can also get your Striker lures from their collection point at Hämeentie 157/7 kerros, 00560 Helsinki